Available works

My creative process is about manipulating information and impulses
that present themselves to me, into some kind of order through which
a narrative can be suggested. I have an intuitive approach to painting,
relying on my ability to react to whatever marks, gestures or brush strokes
I make previously. I paint, then react to what is in front of me, attempting
to resolve the visual situation I have placed myself in.

Working in this way, often on several artworks simultaneously and operating
with varying degrees of confidence and clumsiness, I attempt to discover what the
painting is trying to say to me.  Presence and energy are important aspects in this
process  – converting something inert into something that can be responded to emotionally.

My intention is for the completed paintings to influence the viewer in the same way
the artworks influenced me; so that the viewer becomes more aware of their own
individuality, appreciating their own uniqueness.

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Sold works

A selection of some of my favorite paintings, sold over the last few years .

20 images